The Target Security Breach

It was announced last week that the Target security breach was more serious than originally thought. Back in December Target announced that a data breach affecting 40 million of its customers had taken place. Now Target is saying that the breach affected 70 million customers.

Whether you have been personally affected by Target’s security breach or not, we all need be vigilant when it comes to internet security. There are hackers out there working day and night to steal the personal information that is passed around on the internet.

It’s not fun to keep changing passwords but experts say that is one of the most effective ways to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts. One thing that would be nice is if all the companies that do business on the internet would have the same criteria for passwords. As it is now, the password rules are different from one account to the next which makes it hard to keep track of all the different passwords for all the different accounts.

Another thing that is highly recommended is to have some kind of credit monitoring service. Instead of buying a service on the open market I was able to get one for free through one of the companies I’m already doing business with.

No one is ready to go back to the “good old days” of not using the internet for everything from banking to gaming so I guess we all need to increase our vigilance in securing our information as it flies around in cyberspace.

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