Thoughts on the Creation vs. Evolution Debate Between Bill Nye & Ken Ham

Mr. Nye talked about the joy that new scientific discoveries and human advancements bring him.
Mr. Ham pointed out that, according to evolution, when we die we just dissolve into nothing for all eternity so what’s the point of taking joy in anything? Christianity, on the other hand, rejoices in making new discoveries about the world because any new discovery or human advancement means we are drawing closer to the mind of the One who created everything to begin with.
Mr. Nye gave as a proof of evolution the fact that in some elements protons can “evolve” into a neutrons.
Mr Ham didn’t even need to point out the incredible leap of faith it takes to believe that atoms evolved from nothing to begin with.
Mr. Nye pointed out that energy from the sun, millions and billions of years and the process of evolution are all that are needed for all that we see around us to evolve.
One of the participants in the post-debate discussion pointed out that this like believing that if enough sunlight shines on a computer for a long enough time the entire Microsoft operating system software will evolve into existence.
Mr. Nye pointed out that if the US falls behind in science other countries will keep advancing and leave us behind.
Mr. Ham pointed out that there are many scientists who believe in the Biblical account of creation that have made amazing contributions to our body of scientific knowledge and have developed incredible inventions that are widely used today.
Mr Nye repeatedly ignored Mr. Ham’s assertions that much of science is based on assumptions that can only be made because we live in a world that was created with a definite set of natural laws.
Mr. Nye maintained that Mr. Ham’s approach to the origin’s debate was something that only Mr. Ham and a few of his followers believe when in fact, Mr. Ham’s view is shared by countless Christians around the world.
A video of the debate is available on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Creation vs. Evolution Debate Between Bill Nye & Ken Ham

    • Technically the wording I used is that Mr. Ham’s view on a young earth is shared by countless Christians not most Christians. As far as Mr. Nye and Mr. Ham not being qualified to debate science because they don’t have advanced degrees in science, keep in mind that Charles Darwin did not have a degree in science, he had a degree in theology.

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