Being Born – The Closest Thing To Death You’ll Ever Experience

In my roaming through the blog-o-sphere I came upon a post entitled “When a Birth Goes Wrong” written by Juli Townsend. Juli is a midwife from Australia who is sharing about her experiences through her blog.

The post appealed to me, not because I have dreams of someday getting a job in the medical field, but for the very opposite reason; I could never imagine myself working in the medical field and so I have the highest respect for those who do.

I commented on Juli’s post and she was kind enough to respond to my comment with even more insights from the world of child birth. Here’s a link to our short little chat:

I also took the time to read the excerpts from Juli’s book Absent Children that she has posted on her blog. Very thought-provoking. It makes you wonder about what is really going through a person’s mind as they go through their daily routine.

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