Location, Location, Location

Here is my response to the prompt: Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely? (https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/places/)

They say there are only three rules in the real estate business: location, location, location, which basically means that the value of a piece of property is based on its location. A run-down house in a good neighborhood is worth more than a nice house in a lousy neighborhood.

I live in a place that would not be considered a tourist destination by any travel expert. There are no mountains, forests or beaches. In a state with over 10,000 lakes our county has just one tiny lake.

Winters are long and bitterly cold. Summers are short and the wind hardly ever stops blowing. I went to college in a town near here and my only goal upon graduation was to get out of the area.

The only thing this place has going for it is rich dark soil, which modern farming methods have used to produce some of the most abundant crops on the planet. Unfortunately I am not in the farming business so I can’t cash in on our area’s greatest asset.

Yet despite its lack of tourist appeal, I have lived here in Southern Minnesota for far longer than I have ever lived anywhere else. I have visited so many different places on vacation and thought, “I could live here.” Then vacation is over and it’s time to head home and I think, “Well it is nice here but would I want to live here permanently?”

A house on a beach in a tropical paradise would be great but could I handle the heat? A chalet on a mountaintop would have great views but mountains roads are treacherous. Hiking through the woods, especially in the fall, is one of life’s great pleasures. But would I really ever quit my job and move to a place just so I could be in a certain location?

I do believe that it is important to try to be happy no matter where you live. I think my ideal place to live is in a place with rolling hills, up high enough to have a view for a few miles. A few groves of trees here and there. Lots of open space so I can see for miles. And not too far from some water.

Then there are the bigger location questions:

Where we are in the vastness of the universe?

Where do people go when they die?

Where are we in relation to our God?

4 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location

  1. I’ve moved a lot, and I’ve found that you can live anywhere. You can find a way to make it work, and you can find ways to lead a fulfilling life. You’re spot on with your ideas about what matters most. Those matter so much more than the location on a map.

  2. I have lived in southern Minnesota all of my life, although first on the prairie to the west and now in the southeast. My roots run deep and I cannot imagine living anywhere other than here. Well, maybe in winter the thought crosses my mind to leave.

    But my best home is yet to come: heaven.

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