The Research Project, Week Forty One, South Carolina

In his will, Thomas Green Clemson left a large part of his personal estate to establish what would become Clemson University. Initially an all-male military school, Clemson Agricultural College opened in July 1893 with 446 students. Over years, this South Carolina school has transformed itself into a top-25 national university.

Among the many research projects listed below the one that caught my attention is the one about Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). NAS is the days of drug-withdrawal agony that infants who are born to mothers addicted to opioids go through during the first few days of their lives.

According to a recent article by Senator Amy Klobuchar in our local newspaper, opioid abuse has reached a crisis level in our country, killing 28, 648 Americans in 2014. She has introduced bipartisan legislation to pursue proved strategies to combat this crisis.

Gentler treatment for addicted infants

Gentler treatment for addicted infants

Growing room for local farms: A student farm cultivates research along with the veggies

locally grown

Lightning in a bottle – researching fireflies before they go extinct

Lightning in a bottle

A car for taming the city – Deep Orange 5

a car for taming the city

A wake-up call for drowsy drivers

a wake-up call for drowsy drivers

A solar-savvy house

A solar-savvy house and the ties that bind

Bringing industry to light

Bringing industry to light

Art that reveals the structure and beauty of math.

Boundaries 02, 2013

Carbon’s magic carpet

Carbon’s magic carpet



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