The Research Project, Week Forty Two, Tennessee

It was a pastor, Rev. Holland N. McTyeire, who convinced Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, one of the richest Americans in history, to provide the funds needed to establish Vanderbilt University in 1873. McTyeire chose the site for the campus in Nashville, Tennessee, supervised the construction of buildings and personally planted many of the trees that today make Vanderbilt a national arboretum.

Here is a sampling of the wide variety of research going on at Vanderbilt. There is research on everything from artificial kidneys to electric vehicles to human trafficking to measuring the performance of congressmen and women.

And this first one falls into one of my favorite categories of research: Didn’t we already know this without spending research dollars on it?

Harsh immigration rhetoric pushes Latinos away: Survey

How to make electric vehicles that actually reduce carbon

Dr. William Fissell’s Artificial Kidney

Human trafficking researcher can comment on bipartisan bill

New rules coming for researchers using human subjects

Wearable robot helps parapalegics walk

Research project measuring congressional effectiveness to expand


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