The Day of Pentecost, A Modern View

Tomorrow, June 4, is the Day of Pentecost, the last major festival of the church year. We celebrate how Jesus fulfilled his promise in sending the Holy Spirit to his disciples. I’ve came up with a little comparison of what the original Day of Pentecost looked like verse what it might look like today.

Original Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-21)

Modern Day of Pentecost

When the Day of Pentecost arrived the believers were all together in one place. (verse 1) When the Day of Pentecost arrived the all the believers were on their smart phones.
Suddenly the sound of a loud, rushing wind filled the house of the believers. Everyone in the city to came together to find out what was going on.    (verse 6) Suddenly somebody posted something on the internet that went viral. Everyone was liking it and re-posting it.
The disciples began to speak in other languages. This amazed the crowd that had rushed together since they were from every country around the world. (verses 5-11) The viral post appeared on every social media platform, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, etc.
Instead of listening to what the disciples were saying, some people thought they were drunk. (verse 13) Some people thought the post was just something that a hacker had posted.
But Peter got up and explained that the disciples were not drunk but that this was what had been predicted by the Old Testament prophet Joel. (verses 14-16) But then Mark Zuckerberg, or some other famous tech titan, got on Facebook and told everyone that this was real.

Have a happy Pentecost!

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