November Ballot Measures, Part Two – Alaska

According to the Alaska Department of Fish And Game, the 2017 Alaska commercial salmon fishery all species harvest was 224.6 million wild salmon with an estimated preliminary value of $678.8 million, a 66.7% increase from 2016’s value of $407.3 million.

In terms of pounds of fish, the wild salmon harvest of 1,041.0 million pounds ranks third in the years 1975-2017 and is only the third time harvest has exceed 1 billion pounds.

With salmon fishing having such a large impact on Alaska’s economy, it’s no wonder that there would be a state ballot initiative to protect the industry. Here is what Alaskans will be voting on in November:

Ballot Measure 1 establishes new requirements and a new process for permits for any projects affecting bodies of water related to the activity and habitat of salmon, steelhead or other anadromous fish, and to prohibit any projects or activity determined to cause significant and unrestorable damage to such fish habitats.

Anadromous fish are ones which spawn in fresh water but spend their adult lives in salt water.

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