November Ballot Measures, Part Five – California

To look at the number of California ballot measures this year one wonders if the California legislature even bothers to meet. Voters in California voted on five ballot measures back on June 5 – only four of the five passed into law – and will vote on another 11 ballot measures in November.

And what makes an issue important enough for the entire state to vote on? Proposition 11 will require ambulance drivers to remain on-call during their breaks. Really? That’s not something that the state legislature couldn’t handle?

And in the category of “only in California,” voters there will vote on Proposition 2 which would authorize the state to use revenue from California’s “millionaire tax” to  help secure revenue bonds to provide housing for the homeless. The millionaire tax was enacted in 2004. It adds a one percent tax on incomes over $1 million and generates about $750 million in revenue each year.

Other ballot measures that Californians will vote on include help for veterans, support for infrastructure projects, rent control regulations, fuel tax repeal and animal confinement regulations.

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