Improving the Neighborhood

Two years ago we came home to a note on our door that told us a company was coming soon to tear up our yard to make our home more valuable. You read that right. As the note explained, they were going to install underground fiber optic cable in our neighborhood so that we would no longer have just one option for cable TV in our house. By having two choices for cable TV in our neighborhood it would make our home more valuable. But they would have to do some digging in our yard to install the cable.

That was two years ago. A few months ago we got a similar note saying they would be coming soon. They finally arrived this week. In the last few weeks we had seen them getting closer to us. Someone came to mark all the utility lines that crisscross our yard. This morning we woke up to the sound of heavy equipment finally getting the job done.

Here is what our neighborhood looked like today.




A salesman also stopped in a few months ago to see if we were interested in the going with the new cable TV service. The rates he quoted us sound good so we may be trying them out.

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