Skeptics Stealing from Christians? Say it isn’t so!

Here is a link to an article by Patricia Engler that talks about stolen concept fallacies:

As the article points out, stolen concept fallacies are logical mistakes in arguments that assume the truth of the same principles they’re trying to disprove.

I especially like principles one and six of the six stolen concept fallacies that Engler identifies. Number one is when skeptics make the absolute claim that there is no absolute truth. Christians openly confess that there is absolute truth. Skeptics deny absolute truth but they can’t make that claim absolutely because to do so would contradict their claim that there is no such thing as absolute truth.

Number six has to do with the value of human life. For skeptics, humans only have worth if they are contributing something to society. But aren’t all people supposed to have rights? So once again when skeptics talk about human rights they are stealing from Christians who believe that every human life has value – and therefore rights – regardless of its contribution to society.

Patricia Engler is especially focused on helping college students navigate secular college without compromising their Biblical beliefs.

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