2022 Art in Bloom

World-class art and exquisite flower arrangements – what could be better? The 2022 edition of Art in Bloom at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) did not disappoint. See what I mean.

Florist Dawn J. Renner’s interpretation of an ancient Chinese storage bottle.

Florist Pamela Marie’s interpretation of First Century BCE Japanese ritual bell.

Jamie Manning’s interpretation of the Mia’s Frank Lloyd Wright hallway windows.
Jeaninia Adam’s take on De Witte Ster’s flower vase (c. 1700)
Beena Brown’s interpretation of a column from the workshop of Anselmo da Campione.

Sheets of clay cover two figures like blankets warming sleeping bodies. Artist Georges Jeanclos’ works are rooted in his childhood experience. He and his family, like many French Jews, hid in the woods of central France to evade the Nazi secret police during World War II (1939-1945). Here is how Robin Brown from Patty Flowers interpreted Jeanclos’ work.

Terri Ristow’s interpretation of an Italian funeral torch. (c. 1720)

Cindy Soule from the Iris Society of Minnesota designed this arrangement to go with Errol Ortiz’s Astronaut Targets.

It’s hard to beat a good still life, or a flower arrangement to go with it. Myra Rustin from Flowers by Myra designed this arrangement to go with Raphaele Peale’s Still Life with Fruit, Cakes and Wine.

Art in Bloom is the Mia’s most popular exhibit of the year. It is held each year in the end of April.

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