North American Farm and Power Show

If anyone had any doubts about how well things have been going for farmers the last few years, they only had to go to the North American Farm and Power Show in Owatonna March 14-16. Looking over all the equipment on display I realized that farming is big business and definitely not for amateurs. You really have to know what you are doing to be a farmer these days. Enjoy the photos.Sprayer

John Deere Sprayer

How did they do that

See how the front tire is up on a stand? How did they do that with that huge piece of equipment?

Honey wagon

When you really have a lot of ____to haul.

Not your father's tractor

These are not your grandpa’s tractors. Many come with treads instead of tires these days.

Rock Picking Attachment

This is a gadget I wish had been around when I was in High School and the only job available was picking rock for local farmers. This handy attachment scoops the rocks up off the ground and sifts out the soil and, when the attachment is full, dumps the rocks on the rock pile or wagon.

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