Statistical Insights

I am not a big fan of statistics but one I read recently did catch my attention. According to a book by Callan Rush, 97 percent of a business’ potential clients are NOT looking for that business’ product, program or service. In fact, only 3 percent of a business’ potential clients are actively searching for what that business has to offer.
Among that 97 percent who are not looking for what a particular business is offering:

7 percent are open to what the business is offering but not actively looking.

30 percent of potential clients are aware they need what the business of offering but keep putting off looking into it.

30 percent are unconscious, that is, they either don’t know they have a problem or don’t know that a solution to their problem exists.

30 percent are simply a NO; there is little if any chance that the business will reach them.

Callan goes on to point out that the reason most business fail is that they are only focused on the 3 percent of people who are searching for what they are selling.

Of course the way my mind works I applied this to Christian outreach. Whether the 97 percent figure is true or not I do believe that the majority of people are NOT actively looking for a connection to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, or to a Christian congregation. And, it seems to me, that many churches are failing because they are just focused on the 3 percent.

While it may seem overwhelming to reach out to people who are completely uninterested in Jesus or his church, I know of several instances where people have been reached for Christ at a time in their lives when they were not even looking for him.

And when people find something of value that didn’t know they needed or wanted it makes them much more eager to share with others what they found. It’s a powerful witness when someone can say, “I wasn’t looking for Jesus but now that I’ve found him, I couldn’t imagine life without him.”

The life of the Apostle Paul is a classic example of someone who wasn’t looking for Jesus but found him anyway. He was in fact working to destroy the group of Jesus’ followers when Jesus appeared to him and transformed his life. He went on to become the greatest missionary of all time and liked to repeat the story of how he found Jesus when he wasn’t looking for him.

Despite people’s lack of interest in Jesus, there is still no one better to know and trust in this life; we have a dynamic Savior and a message of salvation that the world so desperately needs to hear.

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