Blogging 101, Assignment 2

I’m taking a Blogging 101 course through Word Press. The assignment for the second day was to work on our blog’s title and tag line. One of the suggestions for the assignment was to come up with a new word or phrase that draws attention to our blog but also has a familiar sound.

So I took a hard look at the title for my blog, “What to Expect When…” and decided it needed freshening up. The new title is “Expectational.” It is a combination of the words expect and sensational. Basically, the idea is: expect something sensational. Sensational in the sense of something well written and sensational in the sense that I’m most often commenting in my blog about amazing or bizarre things going on in the world.

Coming up with new words is a bit of a hobby of mine. Combining tragedy and travesty I came up with the word “trajesty.” The funny thing about this word is that is sounds so much like the two words it comes from that when I’ve used it people apparently think it’s a real word.

And one of the highlights of each year for me is when Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate dictionary comes out with the list of new words that made it into the dictionary. Last year one of my favorite words, “yooper,” finally made the cut. Here is a link to my blog about the word yooper for the few remaining people on earth who don’t know what it means:

And the image I am using for my new title is a detail from one of the illuminations of the St. John’s Bible ( It is a lamp from one of the seven golden lampstand mentioned in Revelation, chapter one. In the Bible the lamp is a symbol for those who are waiting expectantly for the Lord.

The title Expectational naturally led me to choose “Expect Sensational” for my tag line so there it is, assignment # 2 for Blogging 101 is done.

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