What To Expect When…

One of the questions expectant parents have as they go through all of the new experiences that pregnancy entails is to wonder, “Is this normal?” One such expectant mother, Heidi Murkoff, decided to write a book of reassuring information for all those anticipating the arrival of a child. The result has been a true self-help phenomenon, a book now in its fourth printing, now made into a movie and still going strong 31 years after it first was published: What to Expect When You Are Expecting.

This book was published two years after my youngest child was born so I’ve never read it but I was always struck by the catchy title and its phenomenal success. So when I started blogging my goal was to share my thoughts about things happening in the world and why they may or may not be all that unexpected. I am particularly interested in philosophy, theology, current events, social issues, and various kinds of research.

I keep a journal that I call “The Journal of Daily Unusual Events.” It started when I was cleaning up after a funeral and found one of those credit card-sized hotel keys stuck in one of the Bibles in one of the pews of the church where I am the pastor. I thought, “Now how did that get there?” and “What if I wrote a journal about the unusual events that happen just about every day?”

When I say that I am an “online gamer” it means that I always have a game or two of Scrabble going on the internet with my sister and nephew.

Getting back to the topic of pregnancy and parenting, I think one of the greatest blessings in life is raising and interacting with children. When I see good parenting happening I just stop what I am doing and watch in awe.

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