5,000 Guns and Counting

Nestled among the rolling hills and lakes west of Faribault, Minnesota is a remarkable store featuring 5,000 guns along with all the parts and accessories that go with them. Here are some pictures of my visit to Ahlman’s with my son-in-law and grandson.

Ahlman 10

The mirror at the end of this line of guns makes it look like the guns go on forever, which is not too far off base.

Ahlman 1

And you have to have a safe place to store your guns.

Ahlman 7

This is a wall of some serious guns

Ahlman 8

The store also features a variety of taxidermy to show what kind of critters these guns might used for.

Ahlman 6Ahlman 2Ahlman 4Ahlman 3

With a store like Ahlman’s you need a sense of humor!

Ahlman 9

Here is Ahlman’s take on the signs that are posted at various businesses around Minnesota where guns are banned. The sign near the entrance to the store reads: “Attention: Ahlman’s Bans Those Who Ban Guns on These Premises.”

Ahlman 5

And the constitutional basis of why gun ownership is so near and dear to Americans:

Ahlman 11

Here is a link to Ahlman’s web site:

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