The Research Project, Week Twenty Seven, Nebraska

After eight weeks of states whose names begin with the letter “M” we are moving on to the N’s as in Nebraska. This week we head to Creighton University, a Jesuit school in Omaha, where they are developing a promising new way to help those suffering from PTSD, also known as shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome.

The new technique developed by Creighton’s Professor Amy Badura-Brack is called attention control training. It basically consists of using a computer program to show those affected by PTSD a disturbing or threatening image and then drawing their attention away to something non-threatening or neutral.

The trials were conducted on veterans suffering from PTSD from both the US and Israel with promising results in both countries. Funding support for the study was provided by Nebraska-based At Ease USA, a group providing trauma treatment and therapeutic support for veterans and their families.

Their findings have appeared in The American Journal of Psychiatry and the Huffington Post. The treatment is so simple that the researchers are considering making it available online for those who live in remote places.

Creighton was founded in 1878 and is one of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the US.

One thought on “The Research Project, Week Twenty Seven, Nebraska

  1. I hope this alternative treatment continues to spread. So many could benefit from this. Veterans. Crime victims. I wish my dad, a Korean War veteran who fought on the front lines, would have had help available to him when his service time ended. His horiffic war experiences greatly impacted his quality of life.

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