The Research Project, Week Thirty Seven, Oregon

This week we are re-tooling The Research Project. Instead of giving a synopsis of one research project from a university in the scheduled state, our new approach is to list several research headlines at one of the major universities of the scheduled state along with a link to more info about each project. The University of Oregon, located in Eugene, Oregon will be the first university featured in this new approach. The research going on at OU includes everything from ants to obesity prevention to charitable giving.

Confirming Einstein’s Theory – University of Oregon team helps catch a gravity wave for the first time.

UO lands four scholars for obesity prevention cluster

Skilled workers: Study shows the talents of leafcutter ants

Story of child immigrants goes uncovered, grad student finds

UO idea for bio-inspired implant wins $900,000 grant

UO-led expedition probes undersea magma system

Climate change meets the humanities in new text by UO team

Why the Paris agreement could be the beginning of the end for global warming denial

The Surprising Relationship Between Taxes and Charitable Giving

The Arithmetic of Compassion

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