Two Atheists and an Astrophysicist

There are two opportunities to hear from former atheists in our area this weekend. Friday evening, musician and former atheist Chris Dreisbach will share his music and faith story at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Owatonna and the following morning, at Peace Lutheran Church in Faribault, Rev. Donavon Riley will talk about his journey from atheist to Christian pastor.

According to Dr. Jason Lisle, PhD in astrophysics, the best argument for God’s existence is our ability to argue about things that are right or wrong, true or false. Where would the laws of logic that govern proofs and arguments come from if there is no God?

How chaotic would it be if there were no laws of nature or morality or if the laws governing human relationships and the very fabric of our universe kept changing? The fundamental laws we have are a reflection of God and since God never changes, our fundamental laws don’t either.

People migrate toward atheism when it seems like God breaks his owns laws by allowing things like abuse, violence and inequality to happen. Yet in reality our ability to react negatively to these horrors is further proof that God exists.

If there were no moral laws or Lawgiver imprinting his nature on our souls, we might be able to recognize the existence of abuse, violence and inequality but nothing in our nature would cause us to see these things as either right or wrong.

People deny God, says Dr. Lisle, not because there is a lack of evidence for his existence, but because, “by their unrighteousness they suppress the truth.” (Romans 1:18)

What a blessing to be able to hear some very personal stories of faith from former atheists this weekend.

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