The Research Project, Week Fifty, Wyoming

There is a lot being done at the University of Wyoming to encourage research but apparently not much actual research that is very newsworthy.

The University of Wyoming has a National Park Service research station. The goal of this station is to foster research the National Parks in the Rocky Mountain Region. It sits on the shores of Jackson Lake and features million dollar views.

Hydrolytic Enzyme for Foodborne Pathogen Degradation

I did find that researchers at the University of Wyoming have discovered an enzyme that may combat Listeria, a harmful foodborne pathogen that is present all over the world.

The University of Wyoming was founded in Laramie in 1886, when Wyoming was still a territory.  In September 1887, UW opened its doors to 42 students and five faculty members–as befitted the university of “The Equality State” both the students and faculty included women from the first day.

University of Wyoming 2


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