The Research Project, Week Forty Nine, Wisconsin

Milwaukee’s Marquette University opened its doors on August 28, 1881. Two days later Bishop John Martin Henni, the man responsible for its founding, passed away. Marquette is a Jesuit University named after Rev. Jacques Marquette, S.J. (1637-75), a French missionary and explorer in North America. Early in 2005 my daughter met her husband-to-be at Marquette and a few months later graduated from there with her undergraduate degree.

Here’s what Marquette researchers have been up to.

Marquette scientist receives $500,000 grant to study genes involved in growing rice in cold climates

About half of the world’s population consumes rice as a primary staple. Most rice is grown in California and Arkansas but rice is a water-intensive crop and California is bothered with frequent droughts. Growing rice in Midwest states like Wisconsin will contribute to sustainable rice cultivation for the United States and the world.

Marquette Autism Consortium formed to help people with autism spectrum disorder

Multiple research studies on autism spectrum conditions currently are being conducted at Marquette. They include brain and physiological responses to social skills treatments in adolescents and young adults, training community members to identify ASD in young children, and technology development for ASD screening at toddler well checks.

And here’s the latest from a recent issue of Marquette University’s research magazine Discover:

 An interdisciplinary team aims for improvement in muscle performance in aging populations.

Slowing down with age does not have to happen nearly as drastically as it usually does.

The trouble with salt

How much of the salt we put on our roads to keep them free of salt in the winter ends up affecting our water supply?

Research for a burgeoning community

Marquette University researchers are collaborating to address the needs of our nation’s growing Latino populations.

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