34 Billion and Counting

One of the numerous czars that our government has is the foreign aid czar. This czar presides over the money that our government gives to other countries across the globe. According to the web page foreignassistance.gov, our government is projected to spend $34 billion dollars in foreign aid next year, 2017. This money will be distributed by 22 government agencies.

The two highest categories of spending are on peace and security (8.31 billion) and health (9.27 billion).

At $3.1 billion, Israel is scheduled to receive the most US taxpayer money, more than twice as much as any other country. Virtually all of it is to be spent on peace and security.

Next comes Egypt at $1.45 billion, of which 1.3 billion is for peace and security.

At $1.25 billion, Afghanistan is next. About half of that total, $625 million, is to be spent on democracy, human rights and governance.

In the land of “what’s the point,” Saudi Arabia is scheduled to receive $10,000, that’s right, just ten thousand dollars.

In the land of head scratchers, the South American country of Peru will receive 81 million dollars, most of it for peace and security, while Bolivia, its next-door neighbor, is scheduled to receive 0 dollars.

With total US government spending at around $3.8 trillion, the amount of money we give away is just under one percent of our total spending.


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