The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Part One

For my views on contemporary art see this post of mine from 2014. I’m basically of the opinion that contemporary art requires a viewer to interact with works of art in a more complex and mysterious way than traditional art does. With that being said, here is Part One of my latest encounter with contemporary art at Kansas City’s Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

This very intriguing sculptural piece is called “Geneva Saar AgustssonoLabeled Autistic”, by Lezley Saar. My guess is that the artist produced this work as a way to help her deal with her daughter’s autism.

Selections from the museum’s exhibit “Women to Watch / Metals”

This massive sculpture attached to the museum wall appealed to me as a pastor. It is entitled “The Prophet (D16 2X)” and is by Frank Stella.


I secretly included the same unknown museum guest in these two photos. The work on the left is a huge “rug” made out of twisted newspapers and is entitled “Wrenching News” by Maren Hassinger. The work on the right is “Bale Variant No. 0017” by Shinique Smith. It is made of recycled shirts.

Another work by Shinique Smith. This one is called “Whirlwind Dancer.”


A group of colorful abstractions.


The camera just does not do this sculpture justice. It is made up of rubber tires and is entitled “El Gato” which means “The Cat” in Spanish. It is by Chakaia Booker.


Always remember that Earth without “art” is just “eh”!


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