At the Weavers Guild of Minnesota Show in Faribault

Faribault’s Paradise Center for the Arts was chosen as the location for the “Skilled Hands” exhibition of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. Here are the handwoven treasures that I found at this remarkable show.

Marie Westerman’s “Moon Dance.”



Judy Goebel’s “Purple and Green Shawl.”



Anne Burgeson’s “October 10.”



Ann Masemore’s “Harriet Beach Bag.”



Marie Westerman’s “Horizon.”



Ann Masemore’s “Mermaid” dress. The mermaids “fins” were made of dyed bubble wrap.


More beautiful pieces.


Details of “Moon Dance” and “Horizon.”


The Weavers Guild also includes those who spin. This collections of yarns by Doreen Hartzell was one of my favorite parts of the show.



I had the opportunity to visit with Doreen Hartzell and she was kind enough to pose with her work. The yarn pictured in the close-up is dyed with Himalayan Rhubarb.


The show runs through February 24.

4 thoughts on “At the Weavers Guild of Minnesota Show in Faribault

    • Even though Himalayan Rhubarb does show up in Wikipedia I’m still not convinced it’s a real thing and not a gimmick.

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post. What fun to join you and Susan in viewing this exhibit and then catching up afterward over dinner and dessert.

    I have yet to return with my “good camera” to document this gallery show. That may or may not happen. Thank you for taking the time to photograph this truly outstanding art.

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