Convicted Felons Running for Office, A Louisiana Ballot Measure Saga

In 1998 voters in Louisiana approved Amendment 9, a constitutional amendment saying that convicted felons could not run for office until 15 years after they completed their sentences.

Then in 2016 the Louisiana Supreme Court struck down Amendment 9 saying that what the voters voted on was not what the legislature enacted. So now Louisiana voters will be asked to approve a measure that would require convicted felons to wait five years after the completion of their sentences to run for office.

What do you think? How long should convicted felons have to wait after the completion of their sentences to run for office? What does the law say in your state?

In Minnesota felons are prohibited from running for state offices but are not prohibited from running for federal office. A convicted felon serving a life sentence for murder ran for office in 1992 and earned more than 14,500 votes.

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