Maine’s Bold Home-Care Initiative

I had always thought the when I retired I would go move to be closer to my kids so they could take care of me when I can no longer do so myself. If Question One passes in Maine in November I may have to reconsider my retirement living plan.

Question One will decide whether or not to impose a tax to fund a program called the Universal Home Care Program. If approved, adults 65 years old and older with physical or mental disabilities would be provided with long-term healthcare and social services at no cost. Providers that receive funds from the program would be required to spend at least 77 percent of the funds they receive on worker costs.

I wonder what the nursing home facilities think of this plan. Surely if this passes it will have a big impact on their business.

Mainers for Homecare, the group supporting this measure claims thousands of Maine residents are facing financial and personal hardships dealing with the high cost of home care. Stop the Scam, the group opposing this measure claims that this tax increase will make Maine even more hostile to businesses.

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