The Rest of the Rest

Time to finish up my series on ballot measures before the election happens in just a few days.

There are three ballot measures to approve medical marijuana in Missouri this year, that’s right, three. The only difference in the proposals is in how much the income from medical marijuana will be taxed and what the tax revenue will be used for.

North Dakota is voting on removing marijuana and other products from the list of controlled substances.

Ohio is voting on reducing penalties for drug possession and use.

Montana, Nebraska and Utah voters are voting on whether or not expand Medicaid.

New Mexico is voting on whether or not to establish an independent state ethics commission.

Oregon is voting on prohibiting spending public money to fund abortions. West Virginia voters will vote on putting wording in their state constitution stating that there is no right to abortion or abortion funding.

South Dakota is voting on increasing the tobacco tax.

The state of Washington is voting on restrictions to gun purchasing and ownership and is voting on imposing a carbon emissions fee. I’m assuming the fee only applies to big corporations because I was taught that every time we breathe we release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

In addition to the 155 ballot measures that will be considered this month, there were twelve ballot measures voted on earlier in the year. When it’s all added up I’m just amazed at how many ballot measures there are.

Of all the ballot measures I’ve reported on in this series the one that sticks out the most is the one in Colorado that will eliminate enslavement as a punishment for crime.

Happy voting!



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