Healing Arts, Spring/Summer Edition

The spring/summer, 2019 edition of the Healing Arts program at the Owatonna Hospital is worth a visit even if you are not there as a patient or to visit someone.

The ER area always features 3D works of art. This time around it is ceramic works by Jerry Deuschle. It took me a while for these pieces to grow on me and I’m still not sure I see his vision. They are so different from most ceramics.

From left to right the names of these works are “Red Banner”, “Starburst” and “Clay Vessel”.

These works in oil and beeswax by Margie Larson epitomize for me the healing that artwork can bring. They line the halls of the second floor of the hospital.


“Moon Shadow”



“Sunset on the Coast”



“Between Water and Air”



“Free Spirit in Blue”


Craig Steinmetz’s ink and watercolor art is tucked away in the hallways past the cafeteria by the employees’ entrance on the main floor of the hospital. In his artist statement he says that his art “absorbs the energy from my heart.”


This is my favorite piece in the show: “Puma”


“Lily” on the left, “Cherry Blossoms” on the right.


A striking series of raven images entitled “Raven Spirit.”


If nature brings you a sense of peace and well-being then these works by Reid Thorpe are for you. They can be found in the hallways by the hospital’s chapel.


“Red Pine View”



“Sunrise over Giche (sic) Gumee”



“North Shore Cliff View”


If nature doesn’t do it for you then these whimsical works by Westy Copeland might sooth your nerves.


“Moonlight on the Balcony”



“Let it go + See What Happens”, acrylic on canvas, another one of my favorites.



“Girl With Heron”, acrylic on canvas.



“Girl: w/Still Life”, oil on paper.

At the earliest stages of the planning for the Owatonna Hospital, the stake-holders realized that the healing process for patients must involve more than medicine and technology. It also must involve human touch, personal caring and an overall healing environment. The Healing Arts program seeks to engage viewers in reflective and transformative experiences that naturally contribute to lessening anxiety, stress and worries to promote healing.





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