Fine Art at the Fair

The artwork at this year’s Steele County Free Fair featured a number of faces. This work by Marie Larson won grand champion in the pro-am division. It’s entitled “Kinda Blue.”



I like the over-the-shoulder perspective of this piece by Susan Powell entitled “Stella”. Stella also happens to be the name of the female mascot of the Steele County Free Fair.



“Rhythm Inside” by Janell Hammer, the reserve champion in the High School category.



Another entry from the High School division, “Cole Sprouse” by Kinzie W Carson.



How do you sit still while creating a self-portrait? Joshua Pichotta did a nice job with this drawing of himself.



No doubt Dallas Ketchum found the inspiration for “Cowgirl” on one of his many travels around the country.



Maureen Fuller’s “Woman in a Feather Hat”



Speaking of feathers, check out the stylized feathers of this bird-woman piece by Megan Jones entitled “Valkyrie“.



Color anyone? “reach” by Sienna Storm on the left and “Imagine” by Jill Dallenbach on the left.


“The Kingfisher” by Beth M Decoux



Selfish, selfie, self-absorbed. So many words to describe our obsession with ourselves. “Selfocracy”, the title of this work by Janell M. Hammer, is a new self word to me.



For all you cat lovers out there, here are a couple of works featuring cats. “Butterscotch” by Chloe A. Bednar on the left and “Liberty Cat Mask” by Kristin L. Wishy on the right.


As you can see, the fine arts building at the Steele County Free Fair is always one of my must-see attractions.

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