The Veritas Forum – Exploring Life’s Big Questions One Forum at a Time

Since 1992, The Veritas Forum has invited students and faculty to explore life’s big questions and consider the plausibility of Christian belief. The questions being asked at their upcoming forums – ranging from technology to mental wellbeing to the intersection of science and faith – are robust and honest, providing opportunities for thoughtful discourse.

Although I won’t be able to attend any of the upcoming Veritas Forums, I think the topics they will be discussing are fascinating. What do you think?


Thursday, February 20 – Montana Tech

The Neuroscience of Depression: Renowned Psychiatrist Explores the Meaning of Happiness and Purpose

With David Carreon


Thursday, February 20 – Arizona State University

Beyond Human? Ethical and Spiritual Questions about Editing the Human Genome

With Jeff Hardin


Friday, February 21 – Arizona State University

Becoming Human? Paradox in the Gospel of John

With Father John Behr


Friday, February 21 – Harvard Medical School

Imposing Morality in Global Health: Thoughtful Advocacy Amidst Cultural Diversity

with Clydette Powell, Jacqueline Bhabha, and Gloria Hammond


Friday, February 21 – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Are Humans Significant in Such a Vast Universe?

With Jennifer Wiseman, Bram Van Heuveln and Daniel Gall

Wednesday, February 26 – University of Southern California

What is Happiness?  What is the Good Life?  Three Professors Lead Us in a Discussion of Hope and Healing

With Satyan Devadoss, Varun Soni and Karin Huebner

Thursday, February 27 – University of Washington

Human Identity and the Meaning of Artificial Intelligence: A Conversation with a Secular Humanist and a Scientist Christian

With Josh Swamidass, Ryan Calo, and Rebekah L. H. Rice
Wednesday, March 4 – University of Washington

Does Science Point to Atheism?: An Atheist Philosopher and a Christian Mathematician Discuss Truth and Knowledge

With Satyan Devadoss and Conor Mayo-Wilson

Thursday, March 5 – NYU

Audacious Love: How Daryl Davis Convinced 200 Racists to Leave the KKK

With Daryl Davis and Jeff Schoep, moderated by Rabbi Yehuda Sarna

Thursday, March 5 – North Carolina State University

Hope in the Current Age

With JD Greear and Omar Suleiman, moderated by Kevin Singer (Neighborly Faith)

Email for ticket information


Wednesday, March 11 – Christopher Newport University

God, The Self, and Mental Health

With Warren Kinghorn


Thursday, March 26 – University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Christianity and Anti-Semitism

With Teresa Hooper, Erin Darrby, and Tin Shepardson along with additional dialogue partners


Thursday, April 2 – University of Texas, Austin

Forgiveness: Is It Worth It?

With Matthew Potts


Wednesday, April 1 – Virginia Tech

Can Technology Save Us?

With Andy Crouch


Thursday, April 2 – University of Pittsburgh

A Conversation on Mental Health

With David A. Lewis


Wednesday, April 8 – Wake Forest University

Rethinking Success

With Andy Chan

We would be pleased to have you join in the conversation at a forum near you this spring!

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