Return to Healing Arts – Part Two

The two artists featured in the current Healing Arts exhibit at the Owatonna Hospital are John C. Niemi and Linda Day. In a previous post I shared Niemi’s landscapes and butterflies. This post will focus on “Linda Day Clay.” As you will see, Linda Day has a very creative and fun approach to clay.

This cool cat welcomes you to sit for a while and enjoy a cup of tea.

If you ever got the chance to eat at a diner where the servers wore roller skates, I ‘m sure it would be memorable.

Just about any flowers would look great in this unique vase.

Imagine having that first cup of coffee in the morning out of this cup!

Why try to fight it anymore? Americans are in love with their drive-thru restaurants and our health is suffering for it.

This clock is for all those don’t like to be ruled by clocks and schedules. Just hop in the car and go!

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