The New Normal – Ventilator Speed

Warp Speed is a phrase that came from the popular science fiction TV series Star Trek. It refers to travel at speeds greater than the speed of light. The phrase soon caught on with the general population to mean doing something at the highest possible speed.

When the Covid pandemic burst on the scene, there was a great need for ventilators. Many lives were spared as thousands of ventilators were provided to help people breath while their bodies healed.

One of the companies that stepped up to make ventilators was General Motors. The company put together a team that very quickly was able to manufacture thousands of ventilators.

As the pandemic faded and the need for ventilators decreased, the higher ups at General Motors thought to themselves, “Why can’t we apply what we learned from making ventilators to making cars?” Thus the phrase “ventilator speed” was born. Now when the bosses at GM want something done quickly, they say, “We want this done at ventilator speed.” It is their way of saying, “at the highest possible speed.”

The Holy Spirit is accustomed to working at the highest possible speed. When Jesus appeared to Thomas after rising from the dead, Thomas’ eight days of disbelieving what the other disciples had told him ended immediately. He is by no means the only person to have come to faith instantaneously.

While it takes some people weeks, months and even years to come to faith in Christ, the Holy Spirit can also work at ventilator speed to bring people to Christ. Whatever time it takes, it is always the best day of a person’s life to come to faith in the blessed Savior, Jesus Christ.


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