Construction at our local elementary school

Just a week before school is to start I notice a major construction project starting at nearby Lincoln Elementary School.

WTEW File Photo 2

(What to Expect When File Photo)

Soon it becomes obvious that they are installing new temporary classrooms.

WTEW File Photo 3

(What to Expect When File Photo)

The new structure will be in three parts, two sides and a middle, like a sandwich.

WTEW File Photo 4

(What to Expect When File Photo)

I’m guessing they need the extra room because our generous State legislature allocated funds for all-day Kindergarten for all Minnesota schools.

I wonder why they waited to start on this project that is tearing up the lawn, exposing the school kids to dangerous construction equipment and taking up most of parking lot, until right before school starts.


(What to Expect When File Photo)

My neighbor, who sells a lot of equipment to schools, informs me that the way school budgets work the funds for the project probably weren’t available till right before school starts.


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