Owatonna’s 2014 Culturefest

The 16th annual Culturefest was held on the grounds of Wilson Elementary School in Owatonna on Saturday, September 27. The event highlights all the different cultures that can be found in our mostly-white southern Minnesota community. There was plenty of entertainment on the main stage, including an Emmy-winning duo, the Okee Dokee Brothers, circus performers from Mongolia and an appearance by Angel, an eagle from the National Eagle Center.

The demonstration area featured demonstrations of rugby, spinning wool and lace making.


At the France booth we even learned about “Four Thieves Essential Oils”


Apparently, in the days of the bubonic plague in Europe, there was a group of four thieves who would go around and rob the bodies of the people who died of the plague but they themselves never got sick from the plague. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that these four thieves used a mixture of essential oils to protect themselves from the plague. You can still find their recipe on the internet and there are still people who use essential oils as part of their overall health care.


Angel, the bald eagle, posing for a picture with a couple of our neighbor boys.


At this booth you could find out all about Quinceanera, a time to celebrate the transition from girl to woman in the Mexican culture.


And yet, even with all the cultural diversity, when we saw this sign we knew we were still in Minnesota!

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