The Lungs of Madrid

I’ve never been to Central Park in New York. I hear it is an exceptional green space in a city dominated by concrete and skyscrapers. The city of Madrid is another large city that is blessed with a magnificent green space called Retiro Park. With its 15,000 trees and sculpted gardens it is known as the lungs of Madrid.

Retiro was a playground for the Spanish monarchy until the 19th century. Then it became a public park.

On our recent visit in early November they were planting hundreds of new annuals, something that would be unheard of in Minnesota.



The trees are meticulously maintained.



There romantic “Glass Palace” is open to the public and used as an exhibition space.



There are lots of ponds for the ducks and other waterfowl to enjoy.



The park is popular with school groups, tourist groups, and anyone else wanting to take a break from the city.



Lots of statues honoring Spain’s heroes are found throughout the park.



Care to go for a ride in a rowboat with your sweetheart? Retiro’s small lake allows you to do that too.



There are playgrounds for the kids and running paths for fitness-minded adults.


Bonus photos


The Velazquez Palace features some of the most edgy contemporary art I’ve ever seen and assorted musicians set up in the park to provide open-air tunes.



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