2019 Minnesota Quilters Show, Part Three, Quilters Love a Challenge

If you place a challenge before a group of quilters you most certainly will not be disappointed with the results.

There were two outstanding challenge exhibits at the 2019 Minnesota Quilters Show, the Global Inspiration Challenge and the Prince Cherrywood Challenge.

First, let’s look at the quilts from the Global Inspiration Challenge.


Several different techniques and fabrics were used to produce “Hope” a work inspired by Gerlyn Brasic’s work for the Peace Corps in Africa.



Swedish Fika is the art of daily coffee and conversation. That’s the title of this work by Sharyn Resvick from Plymouth, Minnesota.



One of the strangest creatures on earth is the narwhal. This entry by Jude Edling is entitled “Save the Narwhal, Save the Planet”.



“Sun Down Under” by Anne Marcellis.



“New Zealand Love” by Rhende Hagemeister.



This colorful piece by Mary Tague is entitled “Rooster”.



“Holi” by Jude Edling

For the annual Cherrywood Challenge quilters must use Cherrywood’s hand-dyed fabrics to create quilts based on a famous person or theme. This year’s famous person was the musician Prince.

When img_2095

“When Doves Cry” was Prince’s first number one hit and, according to Billboard magazine, the top-selling song of 1984.



Paisley Park is the name of Prince’s private estate and production complex.



Prince won a Grammy award for his album “Purple Rain” and a movie by the same name was made to showcase Prince’s musical talents, hence the dominance of the color purple in these quilts.



The themes of previous Cherrywood Challenges have been Vincent Van Gogh, The Lion King, and Wicked. The theme of this year’s challenge is Bob Ross.


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