Walker Wide Open, Part Two

In part two of Walker Wide Open, a report about my visit to the Walker Art Center’s newly-refurbished Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, I’ll share some more photos of the sculptures and a little about the garden features of this must-see attraction.


The gift shop at the Walker Art Center has plenty of items emblazoned with images of this work: “Hahn/Cock” by Katharina Fritsch. The color of this bird reminds me of the new purple being used by today’s Minnesota Vikings.


Here’s the bird from another angle with the Hennipin Avenue United Methodist Church in the background. Many churches, especially in Europe and Russia, put a rooster on top of the steeple instead of a cross. This is a reminder of the Biblical story that tells how Peter repented of his sin of denying Jesus when he heard the rooster crow.



Speaking of birds, this robin is not actually a sculpture but he happened by and held his pose long enough for me to get this sculpture-like shot. I’m calling it “Robin” by the artist known as God.



“Hephaestus” the Greek god of fire, metal workers and other crafts people, is depicted in this work by Matthew Monahan.



Isamu Noguchi’s “Shoda Shima Stone Study”. Shodoshima is an island in Japan where they grow olives.



“For Whom…” by Kris Martin is a bell without a clapper that “rings” every hour. As one strolls through the sculpture garden one can hear bells from several different nearby churches ringing.



“Sagacious Head 6 and Sagacious Head 7” by Magdalena Abakanowicz. Maybe from a different angle these would look more like heads. To me, from this angle they look like a different part of the body!

The landscaping that was done during the refurbishing process is just as inspiring as the sculpture. There is an area planted with plants that attract pollinators and a large area planted with native plants.



This large tree is fitted with several large wind chimes.



There are rows of benches engraved with messages that make you think.



Bonus Photos






One thought on “Walker Wide Open, Part Two

  1. I appreciate your perspective on the blue rooster and sharing that info about a rooster topping churches. I had no idea.

    Also, I like your attribution of the robin being created by the artist known as God. Brilliant to interject that here.

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