The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Part Two

Beruit, Lebanon is a city that has seen a lot of unrest over the years. This work by Judy Rifka is entitled “Beruit Excavation.”


Beruit Excavation Detail


This massive piece entirely covers one of the walls in the musuem’s entryway. It is entitled “To Access the Places That Lie Beyond” and is by Firelei Baez.


Geometric shapes anyone? You can get your fill with this work by Mavis Pusey entitled “Dejygea.”


Metal, paper, acrylic, wood, enamel, graphite, felt and nails all went into making this work entitled “Charmer” by Kianja Strobert.


A couple of sculptures by Lilian Thomas Burwell.

And a couple of works by Evangeline “EJ” Montgomery.

I’m not saying that these paintings would cause someone to say, “Well if that’s all it takes to be a contemporary artist, anyone can do it,” but maybe I should.

In my opinion, this work by Mary Lovelace O’Neal hits the nail on the head when it comes to the topic of racism. It is entitled “Racism is Like Rain; Either it’s Raining or it’s Gathering Somewhere.”


Always remember that Earth without “art” is just “eh”!

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